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Bella Notte Labradors-Gossin Owners

It is difficult to find the words to describe the amazing experience we have had with Bella Notte Labradors. Several months after losing our much-loved Labrador Retriever, we felt it was time to bring a new little Labrador love into our home. As any dog lover knows, moving on after such a loss can be hard and making the decision to add another set of paws to the family can be bitter sweet. Speaking with Angela the first time, I felt an instant connection and immediately put at ease. Angela’s dedication and love for her dogs is clear from the moment you meet her. She is truly a hands-on breeder who loves her dogs and raises them in a love filled home - it shows in the quality and temperament of her puppies. Gossin came into our lives at the exact perfect time when we needed him the most. He is sweet and loving and has brought the perfect little happy energy into our house. We will forever be grateful to Bella Notte Labradors.

Annie Cody & Eric Nesser

We honestly can NOT say enough about how wonderful Bella Notte Labradors is! When we lost our first Lab and the love of our lives, Lindsey, we were absolutely devastated. Though I logically knew we needed another Lab in our lives to love, I just wasn't ready to take that leap. However, I honestly believe Lindsey sent us to Bella Notte because she was worried about us and we received the sweetest little Black Lab, who we named, appropriately, Shelby Hope. Seven months later, we picked up Shelby's 100% sister, a Yellow Lab we named Aubrey Faith and we couldn't be happier!  We are so thankful that Bella Notte Labradors is a conscientious and intentional breeder whose goal is to produce the absolute best dogs possible. We are so very grateful for all they do to create the most healthy, beautiful furry bundles of joy. We are also ever so grateful for the friendship that we've established with Angela--what a genuinely down-to-earth, beautiful person she and her family are! 

Jason & Kim Guthrie

We would like to share our experience with Bella Notte Labradors and Angela Rice. Angela was the first person who made us feel comfortable and thoroughly answered all of our questions in a down to earth manner. Mo our Chocolate Lab is extremely healthy, well tempered and child friendly. We have received so many compliments on his appearance and demeanor. We highly recommend Bella Notte Labradors to anyone looking for a quality bred Lab. Angela is a top shelf breeder who is truly dedicated to breeding top quality labs.

Dave & Ann Egizio

Our family was looking for our perfect forever black female Lab puppy and found her at Belle Notte Labradors. Since our very first phone call Angela has provided excellent advice, information, and care for our girl and our family. We still communicate today. She's an incredible resource making the world of Labs a better place. We couldn't be more pleased with our Hazel girl and can't imagine life without her.

The Smitsky Family

Our experience with Bella Notte Labradors has been tremendous.  From the beginning of the "puppy process," Angela was able to answer all of our questions in a timely manner to help us find the best-fit new addition to our family.  She kept us well-informed and included in the puppy's growth since the day she was born.  We are very grateful for the feelings of ease and comfort that Bella Notte gave us throughout the process.  As our happy and healthy pup is now home with us, we know Angela is still a quick text/call away if we ever need advice or have questions about anything.  I would recommend Bella Notte Labradors to anyone in search of a new furry family member, for we only have outstanding and exceptional words to speak about them.

Sarah Aicher

After losing a wonderful member of our family (a chocolate lab named Ginger) we were kind of lost as to what to do next. Eventually we decided that the house was too quiet without those four paws padding around it and so we began to do some homework and talk to some people. Our search ended when we came across Angela and Bella Notte Labradors. We knew immediately that Bella Notte Labradors was the right fit for us. Angela’s love of the breed, dedication to it, and most of all her passion for it, shine through right away. You instantly know that you are talking with someone who truly loves what she does and strives to do things the right way. There were no questions she couldn’t answer, no concern she couldn’t put at ease for us. Our gorgeous Yellow Lab Eleven has been nothing short of perfect. Her temperament is exactly what we were looking for and her strength and health are truly impressive. When we picked her up Angela welcomed us to the Bella Notte Family and that’s exactly what it is, an extended family. In Angela and Bella Notte Labradors we not only got the perfect companion dog, but also a friend and expert partner in raising your newest family member. Thank you so much Angela! 

Justin & Jennifer Fitch

Bella Notte Labradors-Charlie Owners

Cathy & Mike Hill

We had been thinking about replacing our lab for probably three years, certainly more seriously in the latter part of that timeframe. We had a wonderful girl that we had to put down after 14 years and quite frankly we missed her. We wanted to get a similar female with a great disposition that would react well with a bunch of young grandchildren.

We thought it would be easy – simply go back to the kennel from which we had obtained the first dog. After talking with several people who had recently obtained dogs from there we realized that things had changed and that kennel had moved from a small, one person, a couple of litters a year environment to something of a larger scale operation with many litters over each year. We were not impressed with either the kennel or the dogs we saw and felt they had moved too far toward the “puppy mill” situation.

So, easy solution – right? Just find another kennel, how hard can that be? I explored the local market and I looked on the web – there are lots of great websites that promise you the best dog in the world – I’m sure you have seen that. It's easy to put up a great website, but how do you really know what you are dealing with?

I saw, at a family picnic, what I thought was a great looking puppy and asked where it came from. I asked my vet about that kennel and he hemmed and hawed without wanting to say anything specifically negative – not a great sign I concluded. He then went on to say that he had seen, in the last few weeks, the best puppy he had seen in years. I talked with the puppy’s owner, who was very happy with her experience, and decided I wanted to explore more with this kennel – Bella Notte and Angela Rice.

I go to Pittsburgh several times a year for sporting events and decided to hook in a side trip to see the kennel first hand. Angela was more than receptive to this suggestion. I was very pleased at what I saw both in terms of the dogs that were present and the facility itself. Angela was more than willing to talk about everything involved and I’m sure I drove her crazy over the course of several months with questions.

Bottom line is I think we got a great puppy. We have had Charlie for six weeks and could not be happier. I would highly recommended both Bella Notte and Angela to anyone who might inquire.

 I came to know Bella Notte Labradors because sadly, I had just lost my closest companion of 12 years, a beautiful Chocolate Lab named Maddi. I raised her with my friends, JC and Mindy, and Jeff. They took care of her when I worked so that she would always have someone. We jokingly referred to her as “the time share dog.” 


After a few months of grieving, I missed the company of a great dog; the sounds she made, the walks we took.  I began to hunt for another furry friend, in the paper, on-line, and in dog magazines. One night, Mindy found a website by accident and told me to check it out. A Chocolate Lab named Penny was going to have a litter in October.  By coincidence, my Maddi’s kennel name was Penny. I immediately found the site for Bella Notte Labradors and began researching it.  I got up the courage to call, and spoke to a wonderful woman named Angela. We talked for quite awhile and I was taken in by her care, compassion, and knowledge. I knew I had found a friend and someone I trusted to help me find my new companion.


We spoke often on the phone, and Angela constantly sent me updates and photos of Penny’s new litter.  Of course I wanted them all, but she pointed out the little girl with the purple ribbon. I watched for her constantly.


When meeting day came, I got to meet Angela in person and my new Lab. Angela matched my puppy perfectly.  Her name is Emma, and she has personality, intelligence, loyalty, and energy. I thank God every day when we wake up and she wags her tail and greets me!  I cannot thank and praise Angela enough for her service and commitment to providing a quality companion for me and my friends to enjoy.


I would not hesitate a second to recommend Bella Notte Labradors and Angela Rice to any dog lover in need of a new furry friend for life.  Thank you so much, Angela, for Emma and for being my friend!

Paul Markham

Thank you so much for our yellow Lab, Gypsy! From our initial conversations almost eight months ago until we picked her up, you have been so easy to communicate with and very informative about the progress of the puppy litter. The weekly pictures were an added bonus that we looked forward to each week. We very much appreciated the fact that you let us meet Sunny and, of course, you on our way home from Texas this spring. That really sealed the deal in our minds.


It has been almost a week now with Gypsy and we couldn’t be happier, except for her 5AM wake up hour right now. Her temperament is exactly what we were looking for. Gypsy was a real hit with our two grand daughters and basically everyone that has met her. We just feel so lucky that we were referred to you from a friend who has one of your puppies from a previous litter. As you know we live nine hours away, but Gypsy has made the trip worth it. Thanks again and please tell Sunny she did a great job as a first time mom. When the day comes when we want a second Lab again, we know exactly where to call. Thank You.

Greg & Jean Lloyd


I have known Angela for many years and always knew she is an exceptional dog trainer, what I didn’t know is what an exceptional breeder she is. We lost our beloved chocolate lab “Dude” early last spring and we, as well as our female lab were all grieving. I searched online for months for a lab to adopt and couldn’t find one that felt right. When Angela gave me the opportunity to make Ray part of our family, I knew it was meant to be.


The foundation that Angela gives her puppies is amazing. They are confident, smart, eager to please and loving. She knows how to breed for temperament, good genetics, quality conformation and overall lovely companion dogs. The most impressive thing to me is her ethics as a breeder. She loves all her dogs and makes their welfare her top priority. They are loved pets who are part of her family. When it becomes necessary to part with one that is no longer able (for whatever reason) to continue as part of her breeding program, she places that dog is a loving, thoughtfully chosen forever home. And I think it breaks her heart each time that may be necessary. I come from the standardbred racehorse business and the best horsemen always said “love the horse first then love the business” She is that way with her dogs. I truly believe that she never wants any pup she has produced to end up anywhere other than in a loving home and will do all she can to ensure that happens.


I thank her every day when I look at Ray’s shining intelligent eyes and smiling face and laugh at her antics. Ray and I are training together and having so much fun!


Thank You, Angela, for the joy she brings us all!

Christy MacIsaac


I spent a lot of time online researching different breeders in four surrounding states near our home. Angela's website caught my attention because it was professional, easy to navigate, and provided good, basic information. I decided to contact her to set up a phone call. That was the only call I made.


I knew after speaking to Angela that I wanted to work with her and only her, even if that meant having to wait a while. She wasn't pushy at all, in fact, just the opposite. She wanted me to be as informed as possible before committing to a breeder, whether that was her or not. I was drawn to her confidence and respected her extensive knowledge. Of course, I was also pleased with her high standards for her breeding program, and I knew from the website that I really liked the looks of her dogs.


Our puppy is now almost five months old. Angela has considered every detail of this journey for her families, and we delighted in the weekly updates with photos, videos, and important and helpful information about diet, toys, and even cleaning supplies.


Some people say "call me about anything" and you know that the offer is nothing more than a pleasantry. Not with Angela. She cares deeply about all her pups and was there for our family whenever we had questions throughout the process of bringing our girl home to our family. I recommend Bella Notte Labs to anyone and, rest assured, that you are in expert hands with Angela. 

The Gibbons Family


Godwink defined: An event often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention. We have had the conversation that Rocket coming to our family was a ‘godwink’.


We met Angela through a very good friend in the fall of 2020 and through a series of events, Rocket joined our family in December. We had lost both of our older yellow Labradors in very close succession in March and May of 2020 to some heartbreaking health issues. We were still a little lost, but the house was so quiet. After our initial conversation, we didn’t follow up with Angela right away because we just didn’t know what direction that we wanted to go in with a new family member, but loved our Labrador breed so much.


In December Angela contacted us. She had a beautiful 1 year old black Labrador named Rocket that she was looking for a special family for ... she said that she had thought of us. Angela described Rocket as ‘fun', ‘smart', ‘agile’ and ‘loving’. She would also be a perfect ‘nanny dog’ for future foster dogs as we had been thinking about fostering for some local rescues. Well, we were smitten from the get go and she joined our family just before Christmas.


Rocket has been a true blessing for us and Angela has been amazing. We have researched so many Labrador breeders over the past 20 years and Angela is not only knowledgeable, but also so responsible with her breeding program. She goes above and beyond regarding health and genetic clearances of her Labradors.

Also, Bella Notte has only a few litters a year and this was also very important to us as we wanted a family member that was healthy, but also bred with thought and care for temperament as well. Rocket embodies all of these qualities.

Angela has also been extremely present and helpful with every and all questions regarding Rocket from Day 1. She is always happy to answer questions and offer advice when needed. 


If we could choose one word to describe our best girl Rocket, it would be JOY. She is beautiful and joyful – she loves life and everyone in it everywhere she goes. This is a testament to the love and knowledge that Angela puts into her program.


We are truly blessed and we thank Angela and Bella Notte Labradors for our ‘godwink’.

The Henningers

Ruby Testimonial_edited.jpg

It’s hard to put into words just how happy Angela and Bella Notte Labradors has made our family. Angela’s fierce dedication to her dogs and puppies is unparalleled. Angela is knowledgeable, passionate, genuine, and communicative. 

My husband and I searched for over a year for the perfect breeder and puppy to join our family. After much research we chose Bella Notte because of Angela’s beliefs about breeding for temperament, health, and conformation, her being a hobby breeder and only having select litters per year, and of how well she treats both the dogs and puppies at Bella Notte. 

In May we picked up our precious puppy, Ruby. Now, five months later, Ruby is seven months old. I can honestly say, Ruby is the best behaved dog I have ever come across. Whenever someone new meets her, they are amazed at how well-behaved she is (and beautiful, too!) She is curious, easy going, fun loving, and incredibly smart. She is gentle around children, loves playing with other dogs, and the most amazing addition to our family. I cannot thank Angela and Bella Notte Labradors enough for their dedication to Labrador retrievers and their families. We are forever grateful!

The Van Doren Family

Mary Tango Testimonial.JPG

I’m not sure our family can adequately express in words how happy we were with our puppy experience with Angela Rice and Bella Notte Labradors. 

We are no strangers to dogs, Labradors to be specific, having had 11 over the years! 

We had been searching for a breeder of Chocolate Labs and while we found some that were closer to us in New Jersey, they just didn’t check all of our boxes. The more research I did, the more I saw the Bella Notte name as a standout, a breeder above the rest. 

Even though they are 8 hours from us, we decided to reach out and start a dialogue with Angela.  I know she must be very busy, but she kindly answered ALL my numerous questions, was very knowledgeable about all the health clearances, and we appreciated that she conducts extra health clearances, raises her puppies in her home and understands socialization and temperament better than anyone I’ve met. 

After the puppies arrived, Angela kept us up updated via email and photos each week. She quickly gets a feel for each puppy’s personality and lets you know which puppy would be a good fit for your family’s needs. 


We started off leaning towards one particular puppy, but after more conversations about our needs Angela suggested that "yellow" girl might be a better fit because she knew WHY we were looking for a particular puppy: the new puppy was meant for my son’s birthday and he has Autism. We needed a puppy that was not only gentle and sweet, but one that was also confident and inquisitive and non-reactive to the quirky behaviors that can accompany Autism. Angela made the BEST choice ever! 


Our sweet baby Ellie came home to us in May of 2020. When we arrived in PA, all the puppies were sleeping and our sweet girl was the only one that woke up and she walked right over to us. 


Without any formal service dog training, she is the most devoted companion to our son! She climbs in his lap when he is agitated and stays with him until he is calm, just kissing his hands and snuggling him. 

She is equally devoted to the rest of us and her dog siblings. She also loves to swim and would never pass up a game of chase or tug of war.


We are so very blessed with this treasure. Thank you, Angela, so very much for all you do in breeding the best Labs around!

The Tango/Widmann Clan

Bear Hill Testimonial.JPG

On June 21, 2021 we welcomed a new member to our family: Bella Notte’s Bear. This addition has been the most welcome and joy filled event we have experienced in a long time and I attribute that to Angela Rice and Bella Notte Labrador being the very best place to go if you are looking for an amazing dog and new family member.

From the very first contact, Angela was approachable, honest, and extremely knowledgeable. She was always available to answer any questions about her dogs and was very honest about how the process worked. There was a very detailed questionnaire I initially completed, so Angela could glean information about what type of personality I was looking for in a new dog. I was completely reassured by her interest in me and why I wanted one of her dogs. I knew anyone that invested that much in the screening process was a person who would be careful about how she breeds her dogs and how she placed them with families.

I was on a waiting list, and again, that was a reassuring thing. It told me that the dogs were not being bred too frequently and quality was more important than quantity. And I was NOT WRONG!!! WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can say about our Bear! She is a beautiful
puppy, both inside and out! She is a “One of a Kind” Dog and has an absolutely perfect
confirmation. Her coat is a magnificent color of brown and her eyes are the most mesmerizing shade I’ve ever seen. I need to schedule extra time when we go out for walks, because people stop and just rave about what a beautiful dog she is. And it’s her personality that really makes her shine. Bear is engaging, friendly, people loving, smart, and just a total love to be around. She wants to make friends and is quick to wag her tail and offer a hello. I’ve had her for two weeks and she has never had a single accident if the house. She sleeps in her crate willingly from about 9:00pm until I get up at 6:00am. She’s easy to teach and wants to please. She is healthy, happy, and just a joy to be around.


Angela kept me posted all through the adoption process. From the time I knew Bear was
coming to us, until the time I picked her up, Angela sent weekly updates on the litter with
photos and detailed information on their progress. By the time I got Bear, I felt like I knew her and her litter mates.


Angela made the adoption process seamless and accommodated our schedule so my daughter could come with me to pick up Bear-(this involved a very early morning for Angela, as my daughters work schedule was tight that week). She was very clear about the take home guidelines and provided support for us as Bear transitioned into our family. I can say without a doubt, this was the most exceptional experience I’ve had in a long time. It far exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with Bella Notte Labrador and Angela Rice.

If you are looking for a beautiful lab with a spectacular personality, look no further than Bella Notte Labradors. You will be SO HAPPY you did. And if you have to wait, DEFINITELY WAIT. Do not look anywhere else. This dog is perfect in every way and I’m so glad I waited for her. There is truth to the old adage “Good Things Come TO Those Who Wait" and Bear is the living, tail-wagging proof of that: She is PERFECT!

The Hill Family


From my first conversation with Angela, I knew she was head and shoulders above other breeders out there. Our first phone call was about an hour long--I had that many questions and Angela was more than willing to answer them for me! She took the time to tell me about her “girls” and the exceptional dogs she seeks out for breedings. Her puppies come from champion bloodlines, so not only do they have the best temperaments, but they are drop dead gorgeous.

We had several other conversations over the phone and email. Angela always responded quickly and took the time to answer any questions I had. She spent a lot of time getting to know about our family and about things that were important to us in a dog. From the day the puppies were born up until pick up day, we received pictures, updates, puppy tips, and ideas to make the transition into our home a smooth one. Angela matched us with our precious girl, “Annie,” and we could not have chosen a better puppy for our family. She has the sweetest disposition, her tail is always wagging, and she is absolutely beautiful!

We were not only blown away by how wonderful and easy the whole process was, but also with how Angela had the puppies prepared to transition to their new homes. Her puppies are raised in her home, with her family. She had them on a schedule that she shared with us, so we could continue it at home and we could not believe how smoothly it went. We had so many people say, “Good luck,” when we told them we were getting a puppy. We now tell them, “We didn’t need luck, we got a Bella Notte puppy!” Once we brought Annie home, she only woke up a couple of times at night to go out, and was sleeping through the night after about a week. She was also pretty much potty trained by the time we brought her home. We have only had her for two weeks now, and she is not having any accidents in the house. Having a new puppy that sleeps through the night and is potty trained is priceless!

I have had some questions for Angela since we brought Annie home, and she has been quick to respond and so helpful. She loves her puppies and we know she is always just a call/text away if we should need anything. Angela is exceptional at what she does, and pours her heart and soul into her puppies and the process. She breeds for unbeatable temperament and healthy, champion bloodlines. If you have to wait a bit for one of her puppies, just do it! They are absolutely worth the wait. You can also trust that she will match you with the puppy of your dreams. There is no question who we will be calling when it’s time for our next Lab!

The Crooks Family


We had a wonderful experience with Angela and Bella Notte Labradors. We reached out to Angela after being very impressed with her website. We were equally impressed once we spoke to Angela and saw the care and attention she put into her application process and raising her dogs.


Unfortunately, we had to put our puppy search on hold when our older dog Bella became ill. Angela was very understanding and when we reached out to her this year after Bella passed away, she got back to us right away. 


From the start, Angela was extremely responsive, available to answer questions, and provided excellent and detailed updates. Her puppies are beautiful, well-tempered, and well taken care of--she truly treats them as her own. I grew up in Pittsburgh but now live in Florida, and we felt it was worth the drive to Pennsylvania to get a Bella Notte Labrador. We know Angela gave our sweet Lily the best start and were so thrilled to welcome her into our family. We highly recommend Angela to anyone looking for a healthy, beautiful, well taken care of puppy. Thank you for finding the right girl for our family!

The Quinlan Family 

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